A Musical Review: Protégé by Lady K  from the Metronome Theory

I am an eclectic music lover, a music blogger, and online radio host. I love music that either takes me back in time or takes me to another place. I love music that resonates with my soul and gets into my cerebral vortex and lifts my spirits and builds a home in my heart. I love music that drives me. Protégé drives me. I know that Morris Mills is representing the Purple family aka Purple army on this one because it is engulfed with the influence of the great one, Prince. You cannot deny that it literally hits you in the face and you can feel it. The gauntlet has been passed and he gladly accepts it knowing that he cannot be a carbon copy of his mentor but his own man while still giving him honor.

This project is very different from his last project Purple that was truly a labor of love. Protégé is a journey. It is a journey in the ear and spiritual eye of the beholder. Some people will think this project is spiritual because Morris reads from the scriptures between and during some songs. Like the song “The Call” that is track number 8, (An angelic like ) voice reads Isaiah 43:10. That scripture on a personal level has deep meaning to me but for some, it may not. That is just an example of the power of music people can decide for themselves how to interpret the meaning of the song.

Then he breaks into a song called “All I Wanna Do Is Love you”. This song has a familiar feel that will be known as Morris Mills’ signature sound. The instrumentation of this project is strong, and I like that very much. His vocals show growth and I am all for improving and changing for the better. This effort has his name written all over it and for his fans and followers, this does not disappoint.

Morris Mills fans get ready for another musical trip I am sure you will enjoy. Many blessings to you Morris for sharing your delightful and personal gift of love with us all, Your Music. Keep on doing what you do so well. I salute you,

Lady K Katherine Mills from the Metronome Theory



Protégé is a journey. It is a journey in the ear and spiritual eye of the beholder.
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